Friday, April 4, 2014

Starting another block

I have been looking at this UFO on and off for a while thinking I must get on with it. I have put quite a bit in storage while we rent and build and it seems one of the items is the black background felt I need for these blocks.
I have all my coloured felt and plenty of freezer paper so I can move forward a bit at least.
These are the pieces for the next block. They are reversed here because I have left the paper on the front. I lightly spray a sheet of paper with spray baste glue and stick the pieces down paper side down. I then spray the back with the spray baster. Sticking them down first stops them being blasted away by the spray. I then stick them onto the black background and peel off the freezer paper.

This is how it should look (from the pattern)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

New block

I have decided I will do only 9 blocks to make a square wall hanging.

The next one I am doing is the watering can. I have glued on the pieces ready to sew.




Only the eyes left

I finished off the birds ages ago but I still have the eyes to do.




Saturday, February 16, 2013

Block 2 sewn down

Spent an hour sewing all the bits on in matching machine embroidery thread. I bought two sets of the Q&A threads from Big W a while back and they have been fine for the free motion stitching that I do. They worked out much cheaper than keeping on buying the threads one at a time from my LQS.

Sandi has the fish block at the end of her post.


Block 2 glued on ready to go

Spent some time this afternoon tracing the pieces onto freezer paper then ironing them onto the felt. Later, at night I glued all the pieces in place.




Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finished block 6

Just finished off my second block. Block 6 in the pattern. As good as finished anyway. I just need some dark orange to top off the tea cup.