Sunday, May 26, 2013

New block

I have decided I will do only 9 blocks to make a square wall hanging.

The next one I am doing is the watering can. I have glued on the pieces ready to sew.




Only the eyes left

I finished off the birds ages ago but I still have the eyes to do.




Saturday, February 16, 2013

Block 2 sewn down

Spent an hour sewing all the bits on in matching machine embroidery thread. I bought two sets of the Q&A threads from Big W a while back and they have been fine for the free motion stitching that I do. They worked out much cheaper than keeping on buying the threads one at a time from my LQS.

Sandi has the fish block at the end of her post.


Block 2 glued on ready to go

Spent some time this afternoon tracing the pieces onto freezer paper then ironing them onto the felt. Later, at night I glued all the pieces in place.




Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finished block 6

Just finished off my second block. Block 6 in the pattern. As good as finished anyway. I just need some dark orange to top off the tea cup.




Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A bit of Stitching

Managed to spend about an hour stitching details onto block 6. I need to buy some more colours of thread so I can match the felt better.

I got my new felt today and it is not as nice as the pure wool felt. It is thinner and therefore not as firm but then it is about a quarter of the price. Hopefully it will sew up OK.




Saturday, February 9, 2013

Block six sewn up

I spent yesterday afternoon sewing on all the bits. I so love the look of it. I have a couple of other things backed up so even though I really want to do some of the stitchery on this block I will have to leave it for a few days.




Friday, February 8, 2013

Block 6 ready to sew

I used freezer paper to cut out all the bits. Not sure if it will be reusable. It gets a bit furry from the felt.

Nearly out of spray baster. I can't survive without it.

All the bits stuck on ready to sew around. Might have to free motion stitch all these bits since they are so small and curvy.




Monday, February 4, 2013

Finishing Block 3

I finished off the applique and decided to add a bit of embroidery. I am no fan of attaching the pieces by hand but I don't mind a bit of stitchery.
I have a book called Fanciful Stitches Colourful Quilts by Laura Wasilowski that has inspired me to embellish things with some fancy stitches.
The background felt is a little bit flimsy so I think I will put some iron on interfacing on the back.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Block 3 continued

Spent an hour last night cutting out the flowers then spent an hour this morning sewing some on.

I glue the pieces on with 505 temporary spray basting glue. I set up the pieces wrong side up on a sheet of tissue then spray gently from about 30cm away. The first time I tried this for the house parts I sprayed gently but was a bit close and the pieces flew away.

I used the same piece of tissue paper. Just pulled it gently apart where I had folded the sticky part in from last time and placed the pieces on. It wasn't sticky enough to be a problem.



Found this pattern at The House on the Side of the Hill where she has started a sew-a-long.

Buy the pattern at the Pattern Spot and join in for 2013.

Started last week with the little house in block 3. I am using acrylic black felt for the background. I bought 2m for half price at Lincraft. I am using pure wool and later wool mix felts for the designs.

I am using my zipper foot as an edging foot to sew the straight edges in matching embroidery thread.

This is how I far I got in my first session last week.